Skin-Voice: Contemporary Music Between Speech and Language

Zeynep Bulut , ICI project: Skin-Voice: Contemporary Music Between Speech and Language

Inspired by a particular aesthetics in contemporary music that deconstructs the linguistic order of verbal language and amplifies the unnoticed sounds of the human body, this project suggests a new conception of the human voice: β€œla voix-peau,” skin-voice. Drawing on French psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu’s notion of “le moi-peau,” skin-ego, I analyze the human voice as the first tactile envelope, as skin. By this I mean the embodied sound, which stems from the whole body as well as the vocal folds. I examine the following questions: Can we situate the sensory and affective experiences of sound at the heart of the human voice? Can we conceive the voice as an assemblage of bodily sounds, and as a physical and phenomenal matrix of senses? Is it possible to appropriate such a designation of the voice for unsettling the discursive categories of language, speech and self? In light of these questions, skin-voice can be considered a potential space – a medium of constructive tension – that reveals the multiple facets of the self between speech and language. The aim is to investigate how our voices can communicate the self without being reduced to mediums for verbal language.

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