Vito Acconci Audio Databank, MACBA 2005

[From website:]
In the context of the exhibition by Vito Acconci, MACBA presented a database that contains more than thirteen hours of sound works, many of them previously unseen, re-mixed for this occasion. Here we present a selection of fifty minutes of sound work made up of ten of the pieces in the AudioDataBank.

These sound works by Acconci, many of them produced for use in installations or exhibition pieces, are accompanied by a small file, a description and images of the installation they were produced for. This documentation can be downloaded in PDF format. However, the sonar works are protected by copyright, and can only be listened to by streaming.

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ICA Vito Acconci [Move from Poetry to Art]

idea that Accocni was more interested in syntax as a positional force than the meaning it gave words … ‘the arrangement of words superceded their meaning’

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Sounds of Poetry: Contemporary American Performance Poets By Martina Pfeiler

This book looks like it covers some interesting territory in terms of oral and performance poetry. Includes discussions of Acconci’s and Anderson’s work.
Reference to stuttering as an aesthetic, compositional device in spoken word.
Reference to repetition as something necessary because of the ephemerality of the spoken word. (17)

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Repetition, submission and menace in Vito Acconci’s work | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU

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Vito Acconci – Master Talk auf dem Gütsch Luzern – Part 1

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Vito Acconci Lecture USC Roski School of Fine Arts

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Derrida and Oralcy: Grammatology revisited

Talk by Chris Norris paraphrasing Derrida’s argument in Grammatology. Refers to the counter tradition of Ong and McLuhan.

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Voice Week 1: Walter Ong, “Word as Sound”

This entry is interesting in its association of Ong’s thought on the word as sound with the idea of embodiment and materiality.

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Adamic Passions, Screams of Joy: Language and Expression in Early 20th-Century Sound Poetry

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Echo And Narcissus;brand=ucpress

Amy Lawrence in her text Echo and Narcissus (1991) considers the role of the gendered voice in early Hollywood cinema and associates the female voice with the mythological character echo and the all consuming image of film constructed through the male gaze is associated with narcissus. Lawrence aligns the hierarchy between the more powerful narcissus and the weaker echo to the relation between the image constructed through the male gaze and the sounding or silencing of the female voice in Hollywood cinema.

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