Sound Thinking, Michael Aupin on Bruce Nauman at the Turbine Hall, Raw Materials exhibition.

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Vicente Palomera, Voice that gives sound to the gaze.

An interesting essay that links the voice to the gaze in terms of Lacan’s idea of objet a. Mentions the importance of duration and temporality in regards to the voice. There is also a reference to Artaud. Palomera states:
‘In Lacan the voice is equally present in what is heard as in what is read, it is a voice not necessarily linked to the sounding substance” [7]
This is what Antonin Artaud bears witness to in L’Ombilic des limbes: a voice not transiting by the paths of sound (“that flesh no longer touched in lifetime, that tongue that fails to leave its bark, that voice that does not transit by the paths of sound”) [8]’

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Lieven Jonckheere, The Politics of “Atopia of the Intimate” in Contemporary Art: The View from Lacanian Psychoanalysis (Response to Gérard Wajcman), S

Essay that discusses Lacan’s notion of the extimate in relation to the voice; the idea of the voice as extracted from the body and projected into outer space. Lacan defines ‘extimity’ as ‘exteriority which is the most intimate to us, what is closet to us, being all the same outside of us’. The essay discusses the voice in terms of the notion of it as the object of invocative enjoyment. Also there is the idea as to whether the voice is on the side of the exposed subject or on the Other’s side. There is reference made to Bruce Nauman’s work with the voice.

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Everyone is a Ventriloquist An Interview with Mladen Dolar

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Voice Bibliography

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Steven Connor on Kittler and the phonograph

This lecture delivered at the Tate summarises Kittler’s theory on the gramophone and how it effects our understanding of the voice.

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Summary of key theory on Voice

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Kittler and Middleton on the Voice in relation to technology.

This blog entry discusses Richard Middleton’s and Friedrich Kittler’s extensions of the object voice. There is the idea that Kittler associates the gramophone with Lacan’s order of the Real because is records not only the phonemic elements of the voice but also its ‘noise’. Middleton is interested in the voice as a bearer of symbolic meaning and traces of the body.
“While Kittler fathoms Lacanian distinctions of the psyche as beholden to technological changes, Middleton believes that phonographic technologies allow us to perceive our problematic (Lacanian) subjectivities with greater perspicuity.”

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Performing Presence Bibliography, Univesity of Exeter.

A lengthy bibliography including texts on Artaud, Acconci and Hill and texts by key performance theorists Phelan and Auslander.

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Vito Acconci – Itinerarios del sonido (

Acconci: ‘As soon as you hear something it’s inside you.’

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