Interview with Brandon La Belle

An interesting short interview with Brandon LaBelle, sound theorist and artist.

A paraphrasing of his ideas communicated in the interview:

Sound is direct and often activates as emotional engagement – whether through love of a song or the rejection of a disturbing noise.

Song activates memory.

The voice and identity are intertwined. Th voice is the primary, most central sound that we all make when we speak or when we move towards speech. We make sounds to express ourselves and connect with others. There is a performative dimension to the voice – the voice is me but is at the same time separate from me. The way I hear my voice is different to the way others hear it. I use the voice to convey my identity and express myself and yet the voice also controls me – in terms of the idea of the fact that I do not know how others hear it.

The increasing inclusion of sound art in a gallery:
Perhaps it will make people slow down. With a lot a visual art we can take it in in a quick glance. Sound because of its temporality and its lesser amount of information or information that we are not used to giving attention to requires patience.

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