The Pinnochio Theory

Review of Dolar’s A Voice and Nothing More

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  1. I’m trying to contact Prof. Steven Shapiro – very interested in his review of Dolar’s book. I am an artist and theatre director – with a keen interest in voice performance – having worked with Roy Hart for some years before his passing in 1975. At present I’m organizing conferences on voice performance and philosophy (newt in Paris, May 16th : “Deux Voix. Deux cas de conscience. Antonin Artaud et Roy Hart”). One surprising common reference: Diamanda Galas, who I say is the only voice performer I know of who picked up on Roy Hart’s voice work with originality and depth… If any form of dialogue is possible, I would be very interested. Yours. Enrique Pardo / Pantheatre, Paris & Roy Hart Centre, Southern France.

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