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Vito Acconci Work Pieces From 1970 To 1982 Vito Acconci gives a lecture on the development of his work from poetry to architecture. Within this presentation he describes the voice in ‘Claim’ 1971 as a kind of self talk, a self-hypnosis to convince himself of his position … Continue reading

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Interview between Richard Prince and Vito Acconci, Bomb Magazine, 1991. RP They always talk about your voice. You really think you would have been able to fuck anyone without it (using your voice as a sexual persuasion)? VA It’s not that I’ve used my voice as a sexual persuasion. … Continue reading

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Art POP: Vito Acconci’s Theme Song Art POP: Vito Acconci’s ‘Theme Song’ projected for the duration of Montréal’s International Music Festival Sep. 25-29, 2013.

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Germano Celant, The physical language of Vito Acconci This article was originally published in Domus 509 / April 1972. Although this article does not focus on Acconci’s use of voice – in fact it omits reference to it all together – Celant develops the idea of Acconci … Continue reading

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Journal of Sonic Studies

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Show Studio Interview with Acconci An interesting interview that demonstrates Acconci’s lucid mind – his ability to think through cultural, political and aesthetic concerns through a sharp and intriguing lens. Acconci talks about the development of his career from his former roles as poet, … Continue reading

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Interview with Brandon La Belle An interesting short interview with Brandon LaBelle, sound theorist and artist. A paraphrasing of his ideas communicated in the interview: Emotion: Sound is direct and often activates as emotional engagement – whether through love of a song or the … Continue reading

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Vito Acconci: Public Nuisance Important talks on Vito Acconci by Christina Poggi and Alan Licht.

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